: What Should You Look For In A Cleaning Service

While relaxing last night surfing the internet, I noticed a survey that was recently run in the UK by Minitel. It outlines the downturn in spend on household cleaning products and household appliances. It is to be expected that in the recent pocket-tightening climate that our first reaction was to cut spend, but what is unexpected is the rise in bookings of home cleaners reported.

There are so many emotional factors at play when "housework" comes to the fore. As I mentioned last time, it's the thing that most co-habitants argue about, so in recent times perhaps it's not unexpected that the natural need to ease stress and pressure has shown itself in increased bookings in the UK. We ourselves see a positive rise in sales again while not losing any existing customers - a sign of service quality! Hopefully we can continue this trend until the economy has fully recovered.

The reality of our lives is that time is better spent focussing on the things that matter rather than doing or arguing about the smaller jobs, and cleaning is one of these smaller things.

We are often asked what to look for in a good cleaning service and for this we must look to our clients who are the experts in their own requirements. I've put some thoughts together below and if you have any others to add please email us at

Make sure the insurance is comprehensive. (We are fully insured)

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