: The Bathroom

Bathroom CleaningWhen establishing Aboutime, our home and office cleaning company, I knew that bathrooms and kitchens were the areas on which people placed the most priority in terms of cleaning requirements.  Guests coming into the home look at the bathroom as the yard stick for home cleanliness and in the business environment it’s as crucial as the reception area.

I have never liked cleaning the bathroom – most other areas of the house were easily negotiable with a vacuum cleaner and duster but the bathroom always involved elbow grease, while having to crouch down on your knees, scrubbing and disinfecting to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. 

Fortunately, most bathrooms are made of materials that are easy to keep clean, and, as with other areas of the house, it’s a question of starting as you mean to continue.  A little every day will keep all in order until your next deep clean.

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