Maybe you’re a lot like me. I’ve always loved the idea of having a beautiful home and have always loved house design. When I was a child all my friends seemed to have those days of “staying in to clean my room” or “Mum won’t let me out until my room is clean”! I never did. It wasn’t because I was particularly good or over zealous in my hygiene routine. I just like things to look clean and homely, a place I can enjoy and know that when anyone comes over they would enjoy too.

This feeling has travelled with me throughout my life. But as with so many of us life events interrupt. I met my husband Martin, moved house, worked full time, introduced two beautiful cats to the equation and then the fun began.

Do you know what over 70% of couples argue about most?

Its cleaning; who does what, how well it’s done and how often! We were no different and so to take the stress out of the relationship and add quality to our lives I decided to get a cleaner.

Aboutime Was Born

I was appalled at the lack of availability of domestic cleaning services that were professional, trustworthy and consistent. So I said to myself – it’s up to you – and in 2005 Aboutime was born.

In a few short years we become Ireland’s leading cleaning company for homes and small businesses. We have over 65% repeat customers which reflects just how well we are regarded and trusted.

Over the coming months we hope to share our tips on cleaning with all of you – what to look for in a home cleaner and the best services out there and we’ll be dying to hear your tips and knowledge to share with our cleaning community.

Housekeeping Services 

Find out more about the housekeeping services that we offer. If you would like to book a housekeeper in the greater Dublin area please call us on 01 8480444.  Follow us on facebook to find out about our special offers.