Meet The Team

Aboutime is run by husband and wife team Patricia and Martin, assisted by an able support team.

Patricia says "I was never one of those kids who had to be told to clean my room. Aboutime evolved from a love of cleaning and the desire to stay married!", while Martin maintains he does more around the house and he is just misunderstood!



PatriciaA qualified accountant, Patricia set up Aboutime when she found difficulty in sourcing a cleaner for her own home. Like most young couples, she and her husband both worked outside the home and found themselves in harmony in most areas of their lives except in the matter of cleaning! Preferring to stay married and outsource the cleaning, she set about the task of sourcing a cleaner! Finding great difficulty in identifying a cleaning service that was professional, trustworthy and consistent, she concluded that there was a distinct niche within the cleaning sector for the provision of professional cleaning services specifically designed for and targeted at homeowners. In 2005 Aboutime was born.

When not at the helm, she is involved in a range of activities including a choir, a book club and a number of community based organisations. At home her care-giving skills are directed towards troublesome two year old cats.


MartinMartin joined Patricia in Aboutime in 2008, having previously worked as a self-employed IT consultant and trainer. Since joining the company, he has taken responsibility for HR, IT and Customer Service.

"It's very different from what I used to do but I find it challenging, fascinating and hugely enjoyable". "Quality, consistency and professionalism is our company mantra", explains Martin.

"We aim to please, and to do it over and over again. Many clients come to us for a one-off cleaning service and end up as regular clients when they experience our cleaning and our customer care. We always say that we never want to lose you once we have you!"

To get away from the routine of work, Martin goes hill walking in Wicklow. He has also been on hill walking trips to the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada in Spain, among other destinations. A keen marathon runner, he has run the Dublin City Marathon in three of the last four years and he also plays the uilleann pipes.

Office Manager

GabrielaHi, my name is Alice and I have been working for Aboutime since 2006. I started when the company was quite small and my role has grown as Aboutime has expanded. My position now is Office Manager and I oversee all the everyday activity that makes us a great company for both clients and cleaners. I enjoy my work very much and when I'm not bossing people about I enjoy cycling, travelling and learning new skills. I plan to be in Ireland for several more years and hope to spend them with Aboutime as the company continues to grow.

Office Administrator

AgataMy name is Anna and I have been working for Aboutime since 2008 as an Office Administrator, mainly looking after clients and cleaners on our regular service. My days are always very busy, sometimes hectic, but it is an interesting working environment where I can use my education and talents to help the company grow and develop. While I love my job, at the end of the day I am only too happy to go home for some peace and quiet, where I can spend some time reading and listening to classical music.

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